Organic Sanitary Pads Vs. Regular Synthetic Pad – Which one is better?

Pollution has taken us to a different world. People are facing several issues because of excessive corrosion. Do you know who is responsible for pollution? The only answer to this question is humans. Yes, we are solely responsible for making our earth a dirty place. It is slowly turning to be a tough place of residing. However, if we want to make this place a better one, we should try it right from the beginning. Our small steps can help to create a beautiful and pollution-free world. We can start from minimum things. Take for example, women who experience the menstrual cycle can begin using organic sanitary pads.

What are organic sanitary pads?

Many women use regular pads that are made of cotton and synthetic materials. But we do not exactly know which material is used for manufacturing the pads. Can you imagine vaginas are absorbing these toxic elements? In short, vaginas are good at absorbing anything. What will happen when these poisonous elements reach inside the vagina? But organic and natural pads are the best way to deal with menstrual problems. They are made of all-natural ingredients that will never harm the skin or the intimate parts.

In place of plastics, the organic sanitary pads use absorbent cellulose cores that do not harm the vagina or other areas. It is always safe and secured to be used during this crucial period. If you have never used these pads, you can try them once for a better experience. Because of the presence of organic or natural products, you can feel good. The cellulose cores lock the fluids, and the organic material will give you a fresh and wonderful feeling.

You may also ask and enquire about people who are already using the organic pads. They are delighted with the product. The products are tested and verified by FDA.

Organic Sanitary Pads Vs. Regular Synthetic Pad

What are Synthetic pads?

It is another vital question for many people because most of us are accustomed to using synthetic ones. Ample reasons are found to use these pads. It is seen that these pads are readily available in all the drug stores. But are we aware of the ingredients that are used while manufacturing the synthetic sanitary pads? They contain various toxins and harmful chemicals that can affect your vagina and other intimate areas.  It can be dangerous. On the other part, you need to dispose of the pads after a specific time. You cannot wear it for more extended period. With the use of toxins on the synthetic pads many people witness issues in their intimate areas. Rashes and infections are common in such a case. Sometimes they become so severe that you need to consult a physician or a gynecologist.

Which one would you choose?

At this point, you must be clear about the fact of selecting the right product. If you want to enjoy a hassle-free and relaxed menstrual cycle, you must use an organic sanitary pad. When it comes to health, we should never compromise. This is why organic pads are always better and good. They are thin but have a high absorbency rate. You can use it during heavy flow.

A significant difference that exists between a synthetic pad and an organic pad is in terms of dryness. The issue of wetness was observed by most of the women. It is found that the synthetic pads quickly absorb fluids. But you can get an uncomfortable feeling while using a synthetic pad. During this time, you need to change it frequently.

On the other part, organic pads absorb the fluids by taking some time. But on the whole, you will never feel anything uncomfortable. This is the primary difference that is found among both types of sanitary pads. If compared, organic pads are always better because it is made with 71% less water and 63% less use of energy. This is something good.

Being women, we should always encourage the steps that are taken to save the planet. Although it is a small initiative, if we apply it, a lot can happen. Every small action has a big reason behind it. In this case, it is a matter of saving the planet. So, we must try to use organic products for witnessing the best results.

Essential points to keep in mind while buying a sanitary pad:

Before purchasing a sanitary pad, you need to keep some essential issues. Just keep in mind that whether the pad is healthy for you. Whether is it comfortable or convenient to use? Whether it is an economical or eco-friendly product? If you get the answer to all these questions, you can proceed to buy it.

The best choice, in this case, will be the organic pads. They will fulfill all the requirements. This is why most women have started using such pads. It is giving a satisfying result to them. We should never forget that when it is for health, no one should compromise. It is our top priority.

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