How to Use a Tampon Properly without Hurting?

Every woman deals with their menstruation days so it is necessary to maintain hygiene and safety of the vaginal area. The unwanted leakage may cause internal disease and rashes for lifelong. In such a situation, you can use feminine hygiene products like period underwear, tampons and pad. Among all products, the tampon is lightweight and can be used regularly during period days.

The tampons are an ideal option for every age of women and offering the lightest and lowest absorbency. However, using a tampon for the first time might be difficult for women’s who depends on regular pads. Therefore, we have come with step-by-step use of a tampon.

Steps to follow while installing a tampon

How To Use a Tampon

Before start, you should have to know the types of tampons. First which comes with small sticks, second which don’t have an applicator. Choosing between them is solely depends on you. Now we have started to know the complete steps of using tampons:

Step 1 The hands should be washed properly and disinfected. It is a matter of private parts thus, it is your responsibility to prepare well for using tampons.

Step 2 Next, sit in a comfortable position. You have to feel calm and relaxable while sitting on the toilet seat. You can prefer to put one leg up for an adequate installation.

Step 3 Ensures with tampon type that we already mentioned. Use your hand or application to push the tampon into your vaginal area.

Step 4 Keep calm and feel relaxed while inserting a tampon. Adding a rounded and smooth applicator in the entire process may make it easier and pain-free. In our opinion, you can also add emollient on the slope of the applicator. The best way to learn to insert a tampon is the instruction card given by the manufacture of the product. Or, you can take the help of your sister, mother or friend who has complete knowledge regarding tampons.

Step 5 Remember; don’t flush the applicator and wrapper right after use. Throw them in the dustbin.

Check this video for complete demo:

Important tips to follow

  • Change tampon every 4 to 8 hours. Leaving tampon for more than 8 hours may cause itchiness, rash and bad odour.
  • Most women have a concern about wearing tampons overnight. According to experts, carrying a tampon overnight would not be a risk of dryness. But make sure it would be changed as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • The tampon is a boom invention for women who had suffered from heavy leakages. It comes with a string that is hanging out of your internal area. After each use, you can remove the tampon by dragging the string. It takes the maximum amount of period flow and keeps your vaginal area clean & dry.
  • Keep the tampons in a cool and secure place if you have a baby in your home.
  • Use toilet paper to wrap the tampons after every use.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or have intense pain after use tampons, concern a doctor or nurse about it.