How to Remove Menstrual Cup Painlessly? Easy Tips

Maintaining the hygiene of the vaginal area may be difficult for women and girls during their menstruation. These days, women need to keep calm and relaxed. That’s only possible when you have a specific solution which that allows you to move flexibility without the risk of getting period stains.

By use of feminine hygiene products, you can feel fresh and healthy. They help to collect heavy leakages and unwanted spots. Menstrual Cup is one of the trustworthy and demanding hygiene products which are always in demand.

However, inserting and removing the cup at first use can be difficult without determining the appropriate instructions. In this blog, you will get to know step-by-step to remove a cup more easily.

Menstrual Cup

Wash your hands

Before inserting and removing the menstrual cup, make sure the hand should be clean well. You can use fragrance-free soapy water and warm water to disinfect your hands. Keep them warm with a clean cotton cloth.

Sit comfortably on the toilet seat

Accessing a vaginal area may be difficult if you choose an incorrect position. To access vaginal opening, take a comfortable position on the toilet seat with your legs apart. You may lead forward or may bend your legs for more comfort.

Alternately, you can lie on your bed with spreading legs and bending knees. Use your index finger for knobbing over the edge of the cup. To gently pull the cup out of the vagina, you can use your index finger carefully. Then, insert your index finger and thumb at the same time to tweak the base of the stem. Before following the entire process, make sure the cup that you use would have a good grip.

Note: Avoid towing and pulling on the edge of the stem. This little mistake can make removal even more difficult.

Use finger gently to pull the cup downward

The cup’s base is the main section for pulling toward your vaginal entrance. Relocate your fingers as the cup begins to out. Make sure the fingers are in a better position and have a better grip. You can use your index finger to press around the surface of the edge of the cup is stuck inside the vaginal area. During the entire process, don’t do rush and hurry. You have to feel calm and relaxed because pulling quickly can cause the cup to re-suction.

Rinse the cup

Once the cup is come out of your vagina, dispense the liquid into the toilet. Then, rinse it with warm and clean water then wash it with liquid wash. Let it be dry for re-use or re-insert. Make sure the cup should be clean and infect well before re-inserting. You can also use clean toilet paper to wipe it.

Check this video for demo:

Practice makes you perfect

Before the use of the cup, try removing and installing the cup a few times to make sure you understand how to pull the cup safely. You can take the help of your mother, sister and friends if they know you very well. Talk to the doctor are they safe for you. You can also watch online videos to practice removing the cup at home. Go with different sizes of a cup to find a better one.

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